I Need to Find a Chiropractor

It happened while I was helping this guy from work move into his new Jackson MS apartments, he and I have known each other for awhile and I did not think it would have been right to turn him down. I obviously did not want to spend my Saturday helping him move his stuff up three stairs of flights, but I knew that he could not afford to hire a guy to help him. Now however I am thinking that I am going to probably need to find a chiropractor. The guy did not tell me this in advance, but instead of sleeping on a real bed he uses one of those sleeper sofas. Obviously that is something he does because he is cheap, the only reason to sleep on one of these things is because you do not have a bed and in his case he is simply too tight to pay what a real bed costs you. I can see where he is coming from, someone gave him this thing and a bed costs a lot of money if you get a mattress and a bedspring.

If you do not know it these blasted things are really heavy, it is a sofa and a bed all stuffed into the same package and you get a hernia for free too. At any rate we got this thing up the first two flights of stairs and I was beat already. When we got up about half of the way I missed the stair and I came very close to falling down with that thing on top of me. I did twist my back and it hurt like crazy on the rest of the way up. There were some kids waiting for us to get out of their way and they may have learned some new words.