I Wish I Had Gone to the Chiropractor Sooner

I had no idea that visiting a San Jose chiropractor once a week would change my life so dramatically. I was not involved in any kind of accident nor did I have any kind of injury related to a fall. I just had lower back pain that made no sense to me. It came out of the blue one day about two years ago, and it got progressively worse. I am very good about taking care of myself, so I made an appointment with my doctor to figure out what was going on.

He did the usual tests. He had me show him my range of motion, then he did a physical examination of the area, but he did not come up with anything. He looked at X-rays of the affected area, but he was still not able to see anything that would cause me that level of daily pain. He suggested that I do some stretching exercises every day to make that area of my body stronger. I was not sure that was the answer, but I did as he suggested. It did help some, but not enough to make a huge difference.

I did not see a chiropractor because my doctor never told me that it was an option. After living with pain for so long, I decided to be proactive with my care instead of relying on a doctor who sees me 15 minutes at a time, twice a year. I read how chiropractic care is absolutely suggested for back pain by most doctors, so I made an appointment. The difference after being treated for two weeks cannot even be described. I never knew that I could get this level of relief from seeing a chiropractor, and I wish I would have done this much sooner than what I did.