I Am Feeling a Good Deal Better

I was just doing the same thing I do every day, driving to work down the same road I always take. I heard the sirens and I was trying to get over on the shoulder when the guy plowed into my car and knocked me into a utility pole. I saw him hit the other car, which hit me again in trying to avoid him. That really was not that big of a part of it though. I did end up in the hospital for a day and a half, then a chiropractor in Sacramento had to work on my back a couple of times. I really did not miss that much work, although I had a really tough time with the stairs for the first week or so. They gave me a pair of crutches, but I did not really like that and so I got a walking cane that had belonged to my grandfather.

It was a really good thing that I went to see the chiropractor, although I was really nervous about it. When those guys start messing around with the vertebra in your back you want to hope that they know what they are doing and they do not make any mistakes. There is a definite potential for disaster, but of course there just are not any better options. You certainly do not want to let them go to cutting on your back, that has a whole lot of really bad outcomes that you might get and there is little certainty that it would fix anything if it worked. They can give you pain pills which are not the solution to anything. In fact they cause a lot of really serious problems that I want to have no part of, so I did as little as I could of the ones they gave me.